Don’t just buy any wardrobe, buy a Wardrobes by Design wardrobe

Step 1: Plan

Planning is the first step in designing a great wardrobe that really works for you, and one that meets all your clothing and storage needs.

First off, measure up your space, book an appointment to come and see us, or use our contact form here to send us your plans.

Remember to detail your storage needs. Simple things, like how many pairs of shoes do you really own? Compile a list and don’t miss out anything, the more information the better!

Step 2: Select

This is when we actually insist that you come and see us as unlike carpet shops we can’t call round with a van full of wardrobes!

Besides, we’d like to meet you and we want you to come into the show room and look at our wardrobe & door displays. That way you get to see the range of finishes, discuss options that work for you, choose colours and we want you to be part of the whole design process.

And when you do come see us, bring the measurements of the space, (they don’t have to be exact, just a rough measure!), a photo of your current wardrobe, and a rough plan of what you think you want.

Step 3: Create

This is where we get into the detail of the design, assembly and installation. With that done, which generally takes a couple of days, we can email you a quote.

If you’d like to proceed, simply sign the quote, pay a deposit and then we start to build. Easy!

Step 4: Install

Now we come and see you!

At this stage we like to do a final measure and start the installation, and yes, we pride ourselves on leaving everything clean and tidy when finished!

Step 5: Enjoy

You now get to enjoy all the benefits of a new wardrobe, but not just any wardrobe, a wardrobe from Wardrobes by Design.


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